Universe Enterprise has raised the maximum limit and lengthened the repayment period. Your name will be blacklisted in FIDAS customer database if you failed to pay the installment for 3 months.

We Offer Cheapest Loan

Just imagine what you can do with the loan amount. The loan can actually assist you in many ways such as paying off your credit card debts. This can reduce your monthly expenses by settling part of your bad credit.

If you are thinking of taking up the loan from us to further your studies, then your dream of achieving another certificate in education can be made true.

For utilizing the loan in home improvements, one can also use the money for house renovation on a newly bought house or an old house which needs repair and maintenance badly.

Getting a loan is a way of boosting your finance if you are thinking to pump in more capital into your current business. Our loan programs will not restrict you on how to spend the loan amount.

Getting a loan from Universe Enterprise allows you to regain your financial freedom.


  • What is personal loan?

    Personal loan is a sum of money which is being lend out from a money lender to an individual whereby the borrower has to fulfil a fixed payment within a fixed payment schedule.

  • Does it matter how i use their personal loan?

    No. It is entirely up to you on using the loan. It can be for the purpose of education, home improvement, travelling expenses, settling other bad debts, etc.

  • Will i need collateral to quality for a personal loan?

    No. Good credit is all you need to qualify for our personal loan.

  • Will the monthly payment ever increase on my personal loan?

    No. your monthly payment will never increase.

  • Is there a fee for prepayment of my personal loan?

    No. there is no repayment penalty fee. You can pay more than your minimum monthly payment or even pay your full loan at any time.

  • What if i am self employed?

    In both cases we can help you get the loan you deserve. No matter what your credit history, we aim to help you.

  • How much money can i borrow?

    The amount you can borrow will depend on your individual circumstances.

  • What is the minimum and maximum period of payment?

    The minimum period of payment is 6 months to maximum of 60 months.

  • What is Annual Percentage Rate?

    18% Per Year for Unsecured loan and 12% Per Year for Secured loan.

  • Is there any Applicable fee or Adminstration fee when i borrow any amount?

    No Applicable fee or Administration fee is needed.

  • If I were to borrow RM5,000 and choose to repay it within 1 year, what will be the total cost of repayment plus all interest and other applicable fee?

    RM5000 + 18% / 12 month = 491.66 Per Month. No other fee is needed.

  • Do I have to make full repayment within 60 days upon getting the loan?

    No, only the stated months of 6 months to 60 months in the agreement.

  • Who should i to contact if have any inquiry?

    Please call our customer hotline:03-92856979 if need any assistant.

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