1. Jangan bayar sebarang DEPOSIT (Wang Pendahuluan) sebelum dapat pinjam wang......!!!

2. Pinjaman wang hanya untuk pekerja dan bayar ansur bulanan sahaja... !!!

3. Setiap kelulusan pinjaman mesti ada satu surat perjanjian. (Jangan bayar sebarang deposit sebelum menandatangani perjanjian tersebut.... !!!)

Bayar selepas pinjam......!!

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Who We Are?

Universe Enterprise - Your Personal Loan Company

Universe Enterprise is established in the 1980’s and since then, we are operating our business as a personal loan company Malaysia which provides money lending services to our customers. Various financial loan solutions has been designed by our professionals in aiding customers thorough their financial needs.

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What We Do?

In order to serve our customers better for their financial needs, Universe Enterprise provides a range of packages that is specially designed and customized to meet with their needs. The loan application process is simple and easy and our customer support personnel will assist customers in their applications such as business loan, personal loan and personnel loan.

  • Personal Loan
  • Pension and
    SOCSO holder
  • Balance Transfer

Universe Enterprise is established in the early eighties and our company is operating our business of loan services under the Money Lenders Act 1951. Our company’s core business is providing services of money lending to individuals who are in need of financial assistance during times of emergency.

Customers can find a range of customized loans which is specially planned to meet with the market demands. As a loan company, we are aiding our customers in their financial needs though our loan packages such as business loan, personal loan and personnel loan.

Arranging a loan with us is simple and straight forward. Our consultants will brief and guide you through the whole process which is meant to be hassle free. The process is fast and convenient and customers may obtain their loan services from our loan company once their loan is approved by the management.

With Universe Enterprise, you are now able change the way you live and start living life to the fullest. Our loan programs are exquisitely developed to meet individual as well as company’s financial needs.

As an established and reputed company in the industry, Universe Enterprise continuously strives for cheapest loan packages to meet with our valuable customers’ needs and requirements. With efficient packages from us, we are ready to serve our customers in a better approach.

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